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One thing is for certain: Most people want money.

If they have a little, they want more. If they have a lot, it’s not enough. Our society’s quest to make a dollar is insatiable. So what’s the secret? The answer lies within: Each person’s key to financial freedom is as unique as the individual’s relationship to his or her own outlook on wealth.

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Jacquette Timmons, CEO of Sterling Investment Management, had her “aha!” moment with her business coach 20 years ago. Timmons wasn’t financially and emotionally fulfilled by only managing high net worth individuals’ portfolios at a company that she had started. Her business coach listened as her story unfolded and said, “I don’t understand the problem. You already have the answer.”

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“I wasn’t noticing that the business from my investment education clients could be the most fulfilling part of my company,” says Timmons, who was already conducting workshops for AT&T and dozens of other major corporations. “In my mind educating was something that I loved and did on the side to supplement my investment management business. My coach helped me recognize that 80 percent of my revenue was from educating clients.” This insight addressed her concern and changed her company’s primary focus.

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