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Vh1’s Hollywood Exes debuted this week with a fair amount of curiosity and speculation.

Sheree Fletcher,  the ex of Will Smith was  actually  introduced to us before in a very public way. Will Smith’s “Holler Roller” track was our first look at her.

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Sheree and Will have a son together but since he turned 18, the child support checks have stopped coming in … making life a bit less cushy than she’s used to. Remarried to former professional football player-turned-pastor Terrell Fletcher, Sheree is now the First Lady of her new husband’s Multi-Cultural Christian Ministry Sheree made her break up with Will sound like a simple issue of two people growing apart.

Will’s lyrics paint an entirely different picture then what we saw on the screen.

Take a look at his lyrics:

Ms. Holy Roller, new angel, got ya Bible out shoutin’ and you’re ringing a bell/ mid-life, reborn, can’t wait to tell, if I don’t believe what you believe,/ I’m going to hell…/ I’ve been down with Jesus since Sunday school & Easter speeches/ The Bible was survival, that’s what my grandma would teach us/ Since I was 5, I’ve been dying and trying to read it When I did I did, it redefined it/ Now you was 34 when you found Jesus after your life fell to pieces/ Wife two times, with two guys, now enlightened in speeches/ Seemed to flow out your mouth with the hype of a preacher/Took your whole life to reach you, now I’m a trifling creature/ Now where was Jesus, when you life then you was cheatin’, when you was deceiving me?/ Where was Jesus when you greedy, your lawyers was bleeding me?/ Where was Jesus when every weekend, a new man living with you?

Oh, wait he was with me, trying to keep me from killing you?/ Now, where was Jesus when you was lying & you was betraying me?

Check out the song and tell  us what you think. Listen.

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