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Anyone from club promoters, to drivers, to doormen, to VIP concierges can be “appropriately connected” with the “right people,” said another source, and L.A. has no shortage of suppliers. Insiders says some club owners even “pay” celebs with coke to entice them into their venue. Celebrities and high profile people are more prone to anxiety and stress, and given the ubiquity of alcohol and other drugs in our culture, they are wildly prone to addiction. Alcohol and other drugs ease people’s fears related to their social environment (‘Will I fit in?’), body image (‘Do I look fat?’), competency and effectiveness (‘Am I good enough?’),  and comparative success (‘What’s enough?’),” Bruce explained. “Given that these are huge concerns on the red carpet and the roads that lead there, people find themselves relying more and more on mood altering substances to take away their anxiety.

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But this isn’t exclusively a celebrity problem. Perhaps more disturbing is that, in some cases, parents may actually be the ones behind the addictions. Malibu parties where the rich parents are the first dealers and are saying they want to teach their kids to ‘responsibly do drugs’ because they figure they’ll probably do them anywhere. There is hardly a party in Hollywood that is considered complete without the use of these drugs. Cases of drug overdose fill up the police records extensively. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, River Phoenix, John Belushi, and Michael Jackson are all names of celebs that have lost their lives to a drug overdose. It gets worse, since apart from John Belushi, all the others had taken an overdose of prescription drugs as opposed to illegal ones. Be it cocaine, hash, marijuana, crack, heroine or prescription drugs, Hollywood sees it all.

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Hollywood statistics prove that the age for celebs of the area, who check themselves into drug rehabs, is getting younger every year. The child artists fall prey to these drugs much faster than the adults do. Kids of celeb parents also take prescription and illegal drugs in order to fit in with the general trend in Hollywood.

The problem worsens since most of the offenders in Hollywood tend to be the rich and the famous and easily slip from the hands of the law. While drug traffickers are dealt with strictly, the money involved can get to be a huge incentive and the fear of prison gets washed off easily.

It does make you think.

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