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Jesse Jackson wants to inspire men to claim back their sons, nephews, uncles, cousins from the violence.

Understanding as he does the depth of this problem, Jackson has to know that it will not be solved easily — or quickly. He sees the roots of this racial fratricide as crowded neighborhoods, high unemployment, bad schools, drug abuse and a proliferation of guns. Jackson wants to use the marches as a starting point in his efforts to get the nation to respond to this problem in much the same way it has tried to win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For Jackson, who turned 70 in October, ending the black-on-black carnage in this country could be his last big campaign.

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“Out with guns, in with jobs.”We’re going to march in 20 cities” hard hit by the gun violence that has made the streets of America a bigger killing field for young black men in the United States than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been for U.S. troops.Each year … about 7,000 African Americans are murdered, more than nine times out of 10 by other African Americans,” Jackson said in a painful acknowledgment of a crisis that for too long has received “drive-by” attention from most black leaders. But beginning with the marches his Rainbow PUSH Coalition will hold in cities from Baltimore to Tulsa the day before Father’s Day, Jackson said ending this slaughter will be a major goal for him”- Jesse Jackson

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