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As I sat in church listening to the minister give the Word on Mother’s Day, I thought about my family, and how blessed I am. The night before, I had set the table for a Mother’s Day lunch. I placed my great-grandmother’s china at each seat; one grandmother’s “special glasses” and one grandmother’s silver at each plate. I decorated with fresh greenery and some old pieces of my Granny Peter’s knick-knacks. As I finished, I looked everything over and realized my grandmothers were still here. I began to think of all the fun times we had together. I listened as my mom cut onions for the roast. She had on a little apron so she wouldn’t get dirty! I thought about what a strong lady she is; how she can look at the future and laugh without fear (Prov. 31). I knew that we were living proof of what a heritage and legacy really is, and that the strength that flowed through her mother’s veins was flowing through hers and mine.  Here are a couple of examples of what my family is made of. My great-grandmother used to walk five miles to church, carrying her Sunday School material, teach a class, play the piano for church and walk home. What faithfulness and character she had; what a Godly woman she was. Another grandmother concluded that they needed a new house very badly. So, one summer she moved the whole family outside into tents, tore her house down and rebuilt it HERSELF.  This is the strength that runs in my veins.

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I looked at my son sitting next to me in church, and I wondered what I would leave him? I can leave money, pictures, knick-knacks, quilts and china. But as I thought about all the things on my table, I realized it wasn’t the “things” that I loved. It was the memories and the values that I cherished. I want my son to look back one day and remember not just the fun, but that I loved God and was honored to serve Him in any capacity. I want to instill in him the strength to never give up, but remain faithful and constant; the confidence that he can do anything he sets his mind to; the resolve to always trust God and believe. What are you leaving your children? What kind of values are you instilling? They’re watching and listening. Give them special memories to tell their children about. It’s a heritage of which they should be proud.  Maybe your family was not satisfactory. We can’t reshape our past, but we can mold our future. The great thing is, you can start today.  I have been given a legacy to pass on.  I want my son to be proud of me just as I was sitting that Sunday listening to MY mom give the Word!

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