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Mary Mary’s Erica and Tina faced the biggest hurdles they could imagine in this the season finale wrap up of “Mary Mary”.

In the finale, Mary and Erica are faced with working with a new stylist, saving a marriage, performing at the Grammy’s and trying out a new song.

Of course the ladies personalities, management, family and professional demands weighed heavy on their shoulders.

Tina discovered that she needed to spend time with Teddy.  Teddy expressed his concern with the pending baby on the way and the  fact that his wife already seemed stretched as it was with Mary Mary duties. Erica feeling, lack of sleep, new born baby anxiety and the pressure of a career on the brink of super-nova early cracks under the pressure.

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The lesson this week and of the entire season is that balance is key. Balance of professional and personal makes you whole. It often comes at the great sacrifice of personal time and effort. Tina saw this first hand when she discovered that her husband was feeling unloved and uncared for. She was devastated with this news. In particular, she realized that her marriage is a great gem that she must cultivate and nurture. Erica faced fears head on of Mary Mary nit being able to perform at the level of excellence that they were use to. Mitch faced having to eat a little crow. Goo Goo understands the girls wardrobe needs n Her lesson was standing her ground could get others to appreciate your worth.

Season one was a joy.    Erica’s husband Warryn tweeted last night, we were going to be in for more next season.  Wouldn’t you agree? What were your favorite moments this season?

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