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MTV has dropped an apparently ill-conceived idea for a reality show about people as young as 18 willing to have the network document their journey to losing their virginity — a “fame-for-sex” concept that many found troubling.

We first reported about the casting call here: Really? MTV Wants Virgins Who Are Willing To Lose Virginity For New TV Show!

In its casting call it wanted “Young adulthood is a time for exploration. New relationships, fresh experiences and sexual firsts,” read the casting call posted online earlier this month by MTV, the same network that brought audiences the “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom.”

MTV’s open call for participants willing to share the pursuit of their “sexual firsts” with television viewers reportedly drew swift condemnation from concerned parents and other members of the public, leading the popular network to reconsider its plans.

“This was a preliminary casting notice, and we’re not moving forward with a pilot.- MTV Representative

Interesting that public outcry forced the hand on this one. Really interesting!

MTV is part of the Viacom family that gives us The Basketball Wives, Mob Wives and Single Ladies!

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