“#ThingsWeAskGod2helpUsWith” What is your Request?

This past Friday users of the Twittersphere have been offering up their weaknesses to God by using the hash tag #ThingsWeAskGod2helpUsWith,” which pushed the theme to the social platform’s “Top Ten World Trends” list Friday for several hours.

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While some of the requests prove simple, such as “help passing a test” or “Lord please help my car make it until Friday,” other tweets were much deeper and reflective of the trust and reliance people have on God.

Many Twitter users asked for help with forgiveness: “His mercy and forgiveness for all the sins we’ve made..” tweeted Hala Al Ismaeel.

“Those who’ve hurt us because that’s definitely one of the most difficult things to do,” tweeted another user.

Others tweeted for trust: “great health, trusting friends and trusting yourself to do the right thing,” wrote Mickey Mikz.

“Knowledge and understanding, to overcome stress, to feel protected and blessed,” tweeted another user.

What do you need help with?

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