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The commercial, titled, “Ultimatum” is a “Call for Help” message which aims to inform women facing unexpected pregnancies about hopeful alternatives to abortion. The message includes a toll-free phone number which connects callers with local, life-affirming pregnancy centers.

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Heroic Media, an international, faith-based nonprofit organization which uses the power of media to connect women facing unexpected pregnancies with life-affirming resources and build a culture of life, is behind the new commercials. This marks Heroic Media’s fourth national television campaign since 2010. In 2011, Heroic Media’s television, Internet and outdoor ads generated over 146,000 connections to life-affirming resources and information across the United States.

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“Heroic Media’s research and prior campaigns demonstrate that commercials on BET are an effective means of reaching women with compassionate messages and connecting them with life-affirming pregnancy resources through television media,” said Marissa Gabrysch, Director of Marketing, Research and Communications for Heroic Media.

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