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Lenny Kravitz has always been of the eccentric kind, and though he’s been seemingly adrift from the music scene for awhile the photos below would explain why.

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He’s got an eye for design and chose to start his own company to express his passions for interior spaces through Kravitz Design.

Design has always been a great interest of mine. Even as a child, it was very important as to how my room was arranged and what items were in it. When I started having my own homes, I found that many of the furnishings and accessories that I was envisioning for the space did not exist. So I began to make them myself.

Lenny and his team have worked on both residential and commercial projects, with a knack for making a space look swanky and complete. The visuals take cues from Lenny’s personal style, and he’s never afraid to experiment with things– different textures, colors and lighting.

Take a look below images of his great designs: