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Lil’ Kim is doing a little soul searching these days.

She definitely has spent the last few years  living outside of her comfort box. Dancing with the Stars, broadened her appeal and now she opening up about her spiritual life. This weekend she talks  about her connection with God, life, and music on BET’s inspirational program “Lift Every Voice.”

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“I think in this industry, people lose it,” said the Queen Bee. “That’s because they’ve probably never had a connection with God, and if they do have a connection with God, they forget to put him first.”

The show should be interesting to watch.

Last year she experienced a little scare when her best friend was giving birth. She says, “One of my best friends, she gave birth to my God daughter and I am so proud to welcome her to the world. The thing is my best friend is a diabetic so technically she’s taking a risk having children at all. I had to rush to her aid and my God daughter was born.”

It just goes to show that not everything we see on screen is what is true. Many people have hearts of faith you just don’t know it.

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