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My friend, you are alive and awake today. What will you do with such an amazing gift?  You can take it for granted, convinced that you’ll get another and another and another.  Or you can give yourself a reason to celebrate life right now.

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Before you waste a single moment hanging your head and griping about work, traffic or a fight with your spouse; open yourself to these inspirational thoughts. Happiness is ALWAYS, even on a “bad” day, within your grasp.  But it won’t chase you down. To experience happiness in life, you must choose happiness day after day after day. There’s no better time to start than the present moment.

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Stop whatever you are doing or thinking and take a moment to get happy about something right now.  Flowers, lakes, beaches, trees; your garden, pet, favorite scent; a warm embrace or a positive affirmation; the sun’s infinite rays or the smile of someone you love.