Riva Tims, who founded New Destiny Christian Center with her then-husband Pastor Zachary Tims, said Thursday she plans to file a lawsuit against the church.

“The board has refused to meet with me,” Riva Tims said. “They have refused to meet with me with in any capacity, and so has Pastor Paula White I’m here to declare to you today that as founder of New Destiny Christian Center, I am the real mother,” Riva Tims said at the news conference.

Watch her on video here make her announcement.

A news release was sent from the church, just hours before Tims spoke, announcing Rev. Paula White’s new position as the church’s senior pastor. The Board of Directors said that White understands how to support a ministry from the ground up and keep a church moving strong and forward in ministry. Robert Gibson, Riva Tims’ attorney, said, “There are several counts concerning the board, concerning Paula White and the activity the board has taken which we feel is illegal.” Gibson also said that Riva Tims is the legal and rightful heir to the church according to law.