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Paula White  is starting to get pressure from many leaders. Most of which are calling her a liar.

Yesterday we posted a letter from Bishop Sharp calling her out on multiple issues. Today we hear from our friends at  A toast To Wealth, yet more are bringing their fury forth.

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Dr. Chukwuemeka’ expressed his concerns as Paula being

– A liar

-diagraceful in her representation of her relationship with Rev Tims

– Personal fame seeker

Here is the letter in its entirety.

“Now also we beseech you, brethren, get to know those who labor among you [recognize them for what they are… 1 Thessalonians 5:12 (Amplified Bible).

I cannot express in words how hurtful and disappointing it is to hear that Paula White may become the new Senior Pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando since the passing of my spiritual son in the Gospel, Dr. Zachery Tims, Jr. Upon hearing of this I sent a text message to Paula White asking her reasons for lying to the church on Sunday, August 21, the day after burying Pastor Zach. My heart aches.

According to the Christian Post (http://www.christianpost.com/news/zachery-tims-death-fla-church-denies-paula-white-is-interim-pastor-56038/) she said, “As many of you know, Pastor Zach was my spiritual son (lie) and I had known him since I was- I’m 45 years old- and I’ve known Pastor Zach since I was about 21, 22 years old (lies). We have enjoyed a very fruitful relationship for many, many, many years.” The lies are blatant and ridiculously false.

Here is the truth- I led Pastor Zach to the Lord in 1991, one year after meeting him in 1990 at Holiday Health and Fitness where he and I worked. I introduced him to the church and mentored him until 2009. I knew him many years before he ever heard of Paula White; four years before he met and married Riva Tims in 1994 (in which I was his best man); all 15 years during their marriage; and through each year transition of the NDCC ministry from the very beginning until he died. According to her statement to the church, Paula White would have to have known him since 1989 when he was still in high school and even after he briefly submitted to Randy White as his pastor, he confided to me facts about his relationship with her that would make her the very last choice to replace him as the senior pastor of NDCC if he were alive today. The church is being lied to and I am publicizing this so that you can make an informed decision and not allow this atrocity to happen. I admonish you to ask questions about this and demand the truth about her manipulative tactics and why the board has agreed to submit to her. Call her into accountability because you deserve the truth. Regardless of what you have been told, Paula White and the Board have refused to meet with Pastor Riva since Pastor Zach’s passing, why? Unethically, she has played dual roles as counselor, interim pastor, and added insult to injury by despising pastor Riva and Dr. Zach’s children without a cause .Dr. Zach’s body was not in the ground for 24 hours before she did this. She would have to have known him as her “spiritual son” at least six years before he got saved in my house. Read his testimony in his books, Charisma Magazine, TBN tapings, etc. if you don’t believe me. I have no reason to lie on her but she is lying to you. Dr. I.V. Hilliard has withdrawn his support because of her dishonesty. I was shunned from having anything to say at Dr. Zach’s funeral because the “Board” omitted my name from the list of pastors who submitted church resolutions – why? I admonish you to stop and think and question these things before you allow her to destroy the ministry that many of you helped to build. For newcomers who do not know of our blended histories as pastors and co-laborers in our ministries, ask those who are still among you who can tell you of our journey.

If Paula White is named the pastor this coming Sunday, you are forewarned of the sly fox that she truly is- pray and ask questions before she takes control. I know the facts, and I am not afraid tell you if want to know more. Paula White was never Pastor Zach’s spiritual mother. She was never there unless he was either paying her or visiting Without Walls with big checks. I posted this because she did not respond to my text message today in which I told her that without her response I would post this message to the members of NDCC in Orlando. I have yet to receive her response. I am praying for you all.

Dr. R. Douglas Chukwuemeka

Senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Church

Laveen, Arizona 85233


Will this New Year’s Eve Event even happen?

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