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Ladies, we all know about the aches and pain our feet suffer after a day of strutting around in those five inch stiletto heels. We welcome that moment when we walk in the door and change into those comfy slippers and slump on the sofa, only to have our feet and shins, throb in pain. Yes, we know that those gorgeous seven inch heels you have been eyeing for weeks cannot be practical…and wearing them will need to be planned well in advance, so that you are sure it will be on a day when a chair is never far away, you don’t have too many errands to run, and as many of your friends as possible can see the shoe, before you discard them for the comfort of flip-flops or Uggs.

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But did you know just how hazardous high heels can be?

The am NewYork, recently published an article today where a prominent Manhattan podiatrist discusses the health and safety implications of always wearing high heels. Dr Jacqueline Sutera, points out that women account for around 65% of podiatry patients, and the stats will rise, if nothing gives in our obsession with the stiletto.

While we all feel fantastic when we slip on a sexy heel, and they make us feel slimmer, hotter and make all our clothes look better, is it really worth torn ligaments detaching bone fragments, resulting in, not just immense pain, but 6 weeks of rocking a moon boot?. I mean, how sexy are you going to look then, when you new accessory is so clumpy, your colleagues can hear you coming from the other side of the building? How are you ever going to be able to impress that guy at the bar, when, as you try to move in closer to him and you cross your legs, (while trying to look seductive), you kick him in the shins with your gigantic, plaster covered limb?

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Even if you are not a strictly ‘stilettos only’ devotee, and dismiss the dangers to your health high heels pose, as a ‘freak accident, no chance it will happen to me’, what about the dangers of missing a step and stacking in front of everybody? How will you deal with the sheer embarrassment of flashing your panties to the world, and then having to hobble away, face the color of a Louboutin sole, acting like nothing happened? And as we all know, you don’t have to be a high heel novice to go a over t. You all remember Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw in the fashion show?. And she was the girl who took the dog for a walk in stilettos!

If that doesn’t convince you to at least go a few days a week heel-free, let’s talk about the sheer practicality factor. Walking down stairs, over uneven ground, running for the bus or subway, simply walking after a few drinks, all become near impossible in stilettos. Do you really want to be that girl who looks so uncomfortable in her shoes, she looks like a toddler taking her first steps as she walks, really slowly, arms outstretched for balance, carefully navigating her next step?

But if you still need some extra convincing about the benefits of flat shoes, just think of the money you will be saving. Imagine being able to buy three or maybe four pairs of cute flats, instead of splurging on just the one pair of shoes who seem hell bent on killing you slowly!