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A dating website has begun a Christmas promotion none of us will forget. It will give you a chance to win a date with “the Virgin Mary” and “Joseph”.members and non-members to place bids on the individuals playing the parts of these two Bible figures. The person with the winning bid will get the chance to spend one evening with the person they bid on, and the winning bid will be announced Jan. 5 with a date arranged in early 2012.

Funds from this contest will be donated to Christian Aid, an international charity fighting poverty and injustice.

The website displays several attractive individuals in a re-imagining of the Bible’s nativity scene. Heather, a 25-year-old female model, will be playing the part of the Virgin Mary, while Dorian, a 23-year-old male actor, will be playing the role of Joseph.

Wish I could say this is made up… but it’s not.  It’s a great cause, but is this the way to raise awareness?

Visit: http://www.beautiful people.com and see for yourself.

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