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Loss….. it’s been about 18 months now since my wife passed.

You don’t know loss until those closest to you are no longer here on this earth.  It never occurred to me that I would have to deal with such extraordinary loss, where – back to back – my father, Henry Lewis Sapp, Jr.; my musical mentor, L. Craig Tyson, founder of Tyscot Records; and my spiritual father, Bishop William Abney, passed away.  My wife, MaLinda, was by my side to help me cope with all three.  Then, three short years later, MaLinda passed away.

MaLinda and I were in third grade when we first met on a school playground.  She was my partner in life and in ministry, and the mother of my three children.  Having to bury MaLinda was the most pivotal moment in my life.  It was not easy accepting the fact that what I had believed God for – my wife’s healing – did not come to be.  But, never did I doubt that God was real, that He loves me and my family, or that God is a healer.  Faith requires that we endure what God has set before us to endure, and that we trust Him in the process.  Even as I bereaved my wife and adjusted to my role as a single father, my faith and trust in God remained and still remains stronger than it has ever been.

I am not a strong man in and of myself, but knowing who God is in my life gave me the strength to endure the unimaginable.



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