Two North Carolina pastors have recently created a Bible study based on the book series The Hunger Games.

They took time out and spoke with Christian Post about their plans.

The Rev. Andy Langford and his daughter, the Rev. Ann Duncan, created “The Gospel According to ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy” in the hopes of reaching out to youth. “Many of our youth and young adults have been reading the books. Two youth from my church in Concord, N.C., are extras in the movie,” said Langford to The Christian Post.

“Ann’s husband, Nathan, teaches high school history, and alerted us that all his students were reading these books.”

Written by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games book series is about a near future dystopian society where young people are forced to participate in a brutal sport game where only one can survive. make sure to read the  rest here.

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The Hunger Games bares a striking resemblance to early Christian and freedom fighters . The Hunger Games tributes in the Capitol arena, many early Christians faced cruel deaths in the Roman Colosseum. Parents or teachers could study the persecution of early Christ followers and compare/contrast those believers with the Hunger Games contestants. The book’s plot was influenced by the Greek myth in which King Minos requires 7 boys and 7 girls from Athens to battle the Minotaur in a labyrinth.

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