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Bishop T.D. Jakes says preaching the gospel of forgiveness is a sermon that never gets old or loses its meaning. He is spending time helping Whitney Houston’s family heal from the great loss.

Members of The Potter’s House, Jakes’s mega-church in Dallas, often hear their popular minister share stories of his own struggle with “letting go” of past hurts and disappointments. Jakes has spoken about the issue so much that he decided a full-length book on the art of forgiveness was required.

In Letting It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven (Atria Books), Jakes explores why people insist on holding on to past heartache, pain, and grudges, and offers reasonable suggestions for a different approach to relationships in their life.

“Forgiveness is a big idea, and it works best when it is invested into people who have the courage to grasp the seven-foot idea of what’s best for their future, rather than the four-foot idea of recompense for what happened in the past.”

Jakes says he was moved to write about the subject of forgiveness and compromise as he watched the constant friction and upheaval in the world of business and politics.

For the last month, Jakes has been helping to comfort the family of singer Whitney Houston, who died Feb. 11 of undisclosed causes. Jakes was the producer of Houston’s last film project, Sparkle, and spoke thoughtfully at the 48-year-old’s funeral in New Jersey.

“I’ve had prayer with Cissy (Houston’s mother) a few times over the recent weeks, and I’ve let Bobbi Kristina know that I’m here for her, too,” said Jakes. “I got to know her mother well while filming, but only met Bobbi Kristina at the funeral. This is a family that has been shaken to the core by this loss, and they’re still very hurting badly.”

While Jakes acknowledges that the Houston family’s pain is still fresh, he adds their decision to speak with talk-show host Oprah Winfrey less than a month after Houston’s death was mostly based on a need to tell the truth to the singer’s fans.

“Cissy feels everyone had a chance to talk about Whitney in the weeks after her death, and now it’s time for the Houston family to have their chance. She and Bobbi Kristina want the world to hear about the Whitney they knew and loved, and they should have that opportunity. It’s only fair.” Click here to read more.

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