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There are a number of ways to trade up the year-old iPad 2 for the newer iPad 3 come it’s release date March 16. Most of those ways consist of internet trade-ins, although the traditional face-to-face can net you more money, depending on your situation.

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The easiest way is through website Gazelle.com. Gazelle buys good condition iPads, iPad 2s and various other types of technology. For a used 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G, they will buy it for $330. The lowest end model iPad 2 with 16 GB and only Wi-Fi can be purchased for $240.

Finally is Apple’s reseller program, which takes only good-functioning iPad 2s, and most likely, for far less than you can get on other sites. In addition, they only offer Apple credits. Since the unveiling of Apple’s iPad 3, the iPad 2 has dropped in price, now starting $100 cheaper at $399.