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Lamar Odom is choosing to be positive  even though the last few weeks have not been kind to him. The NBA season started with his trade away from the Lakers to Dallas.

However, rumors still circulated about him wanting to leave Dallas. Despite the rumors, the forward said he is blessed to be playing for the 2010-2011 championship team.

“I’m lucky,” Odom said in a Dallas Morning News report. “I’m blessed to be able to play for an organization like this.”

Although Odom’s playing style has fluctuated, he is asking Mavericks fans and staff to be patient with him through his tough personal battles. Despite his status, the Mavericks forward said he is no god.

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“Just to be patient. No matter how many points I score or how big I look on TV, we’re all people,” Odom said. “Some things beat us down. Sometimes we’ve got to take a step away from them just to overcome them. Understand that my name is ‘Lamar’ first, not ‘Odom,’ so I’m not like some god.

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