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Nick Cannon, “America’s Got Talent” host has revealed he suffers from an autoimmune disease that is similar to Lupus. Cannon says his kidney failure was the result of an “autoimmune disease that [doctors] found in my system,” which is “like a Lupus type of thing.” He says his kidney condition is “something I’m going to be living with all my life.”

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Cannon recently stepped down from his New York radio show to focus on his health. The deejay told People, “I feel blessed to be alive. If it wasn’t discovered, I don’t know [what would have happened].” While Cannon didn’t explain further what his disease was, we know that autoimmune diseases occur when the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy cells. There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.

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Lupus in particular is when the immune system attacks the body’s tissues and organs, according to the Mayo Clinic, and is most known for the butterfly-wing-like rash that appears on the face. Symptoms of lupus are different from case to case, but common symptoms include fever, fatigue, joint pain, the facial rash, chest pain, headaches, dry eyes and skin lesions, the Mayo Clinic reported.

Cannon was hospitalized in January with what his wife Mariah Carey described as a “mild kidney failure.” Doctors say she probably meant that Cannon had something called acute kidney injury, or acute kidney failure, which is when the kidneys stop functioning properly and allow fluids, waste and electrolytes to store up in the body, according to the Mayo Clinic.