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The Reverend Omarosa S. Manigault visited the  Elev8 offices today. When news of her ordination hit  the press this week I reported on her ordination. Many people  wondered if it was just a publicity stunt or an attempt to improve her image after poor behavior on reality tv.

Here she is in her own words addressing her ordination:

After filming this interview, I can tell you first hand, that  her doubters are wrong. She is for real on ministry and God.  In recent days,  there had been a whirl wind of commentary on her announcement of something so private. Private in the sense that really it’s between her and God.  Yet, she was forthcoming, honest and sincere. At no point did she shrug off any question.  We talked for about an hour or more. When she left I felt like we had been  “sista-friends” for years and that I could call her for coffee.  Today is just a taste of the first part of our 2 part in dept interview.

Tune In Monday for part II of- “The “Real” Omarosa Sets The Truth Free!”

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