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Family entertainment that is both entertaining and educational is hard to come by these days. “Dr. Seuss The Lorax,” now in theaters, delivers on both in a huge way.

1- Visual Excellence- The Lorax, on film, delivers in such a major way with every visual detail thought out, from the gorgeous Truffulla trees to the clever characters to the hummingbird fish. Each scene is a smorgasbord of color, activity and detail that the senses become submerged in the  3-D world

2- A Genuine Love StoryThe love story is genuine to life. It’s a teaching moment as you discover  that love means trying and getting outside your comfort zone. Ted will do anything to win over Audrey’s heart–and all she wants in the super plastic world destroyed by the Once-ler is to see a real live tree. The simplicity of it is a teaching moment to understand true natures of us wanting to be connected.

3- Great Music- It all comes to life with big musical numbers, walking fish, and Danny Devito’s sheer perfection as the Lorax himself. But  through it all, the “take care of your planet” message is one that still shines through, and is sure to resonate with the kids who see it. The musical score enhances the emotion in every scene and does not overpower it as often happens in animation.

4- Family Friendly -I’d say the flick is perfect for kids ages four and up. There are no scary parts at all. I actually found the Once-ler more frightening and esoteric in the book. The movie really works to explain his story, making the message that much easier to grasp.

5- A Clear Message About The Environment The Lorax manages to send a wonderfully strong message without being preachy, and all along maintaining a sense of humor. Dr. Seuss’s message is as relevant today as it was in 1971 when the book was first published, because we can still do so much to take care of our planet. You’ll want to hightail it out of the movie theater and go plant a tree. It takes the audience in and makes the audience think about what the future might look like as we continue on the path of environmental destruction.

The movie gives one of the most beautiful screen lines I have heard in a long time, “It is not about what it is but what it is to become.” What a beautiful message to give your child!

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