If you’re aiming to make your life a little less harsh on the planet, you’ll want to consider cutting your energy use and the matter you’re contributing to landfills, not to mention the chemicals you keep in your home. Almost every decision you make matters.

  • Recycle your outdated technology. According to EPA, Americans throw out two million tons of e-waste each year. Avoid adding to that waste by recycling your old technology. For more information on electronic recycling.
  • Make recycling bins readily available. Make sure your home and office are outfitted with recycling bins for paper, plastic and metal. Keep them out in the open and label them appropriately. Sometimes the convenience factor is all that is needed.
  • Recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges. Almost eight cartridges are thrown out in the United States every second of every day. That’s almost 700,000 cartridges per day.
  • Buy re-manufactured ink and toner cartridges. Each re-manufactured cartridge keeps approximately 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic out of landfills and saves about a half gallon of oil.
  • Recycle old newspapers laying around the office. When finished reading the newspaper, either leave it for someone else to read or recycle it.

    Look for the recycled option in all the products you buy. It’s not just paper that is recycled.

  • Buy rechargeable batteries. It takes 1,000 regular batteries to equal the lifespan of one rechargeable battery. When you are discarding your batteries, recycle them.
  • Reuse your morning coffee cup. Or better yet, buy a mug to avoid the waste caused by throwing away the paper or Styrofoam.

In the next few weeks there will be a great teaching moment.

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