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Lin was involved in a Bible study group run by the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Christian Fellowship, according to a 2010 interview with the online publication StudentSoul.org. Jeremy Lin, while enrolled at Harvard University and playing for its basketball team, was co-leader of a Bible study group.

“I became a co-leader my junior year and I’m co-leading again this year. The group is a mix of believers and seekers,” said Lin to StudentSoul.org.

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“Our fellowship has about 80 people and our purpose is to know God and make him known. We’re trying to do that in a way that is relevant for everyone on our campus.”

Lin skyrocketed to national, and arguably international, fame after leading his losing New York Knicks team to 7 straight wins over the past few weeks. For six consecutive games, Lin has at least 20 points – pretty good for a substitute player who went undrafted after college.

The 6’3” point guard played basketball at Harvard for all four years that he was enrolled there. After college, he signed as a free agent with the Golden State Warriors. But the Golden State Warriors and later the Houston Rockets both eventually dropped him after a short period of time. Eventually, he was picked up by the New York Knicks.

“Even though I go to church, I don’t really know many people there, but my real community is my small group.”

While with the Golden State Warriors in 2010, Lin gave a faith testimony at River of Life Christian Church of Santa Clara, Calif. He said everything in his life were blessings from God.