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Most of us  who watched the red carpet arrival show saw her arrival with the Pope.  We get it shock value. In addition, to it being offensive for obvious reasons, it was a talentless second rate Gaga performance.

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The performance began with the rapper in a faux-confession setting, sitting divided from a priest, who ultimately clutches his hands around his ears. “I feel pretty, and witty, I slay,” rapped Minaj. The “priest” seems to be mouthing the word “stop” over and over again. The performance then cut to a scene reminiscent of the classic horror flick “The Exorcist,” with Minaj cast as a person possessed. What followed was a spectacle of robe-clad dancers, Minaj rapping while strapped to some kind restraining device. Minaj is then shown kneeling at an altar, before a mock exorcism commences, with wires hoisting Minaj as a priest gesticulates nearby. There was a lot  of pyrotechnics, popes, choir boys, stained glass and even Minaj elevating. What no speaking in tongues? Wait, maybe that was the rap lyrics.

The Academy, which puts on the Grammy’s together should have known that this was going to be the hot button topic. Twitter lit up with the same question repeated over and over again “What was that?” I assure you  that they never would allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam. Catholicism on the other hand is open season.

Here is just a little of what you said on twitter last night.

Reaction to Minaj’s performance was swift on Twitter – much of it negative.

“Maybe you had to be there,” Tweeted comedienne Wendy Liebman.

“Suddenly, Lady Gaga seems really, really normal,”

“U’re kidding right? UGH Nicki!”

“Leave the weird to gaga Nicki”

“The song is bad the performance is worse.”

“to be relevant she had to piss off the catholics.. good move moron.”

In an early morning poll 3,088 people said it was ridiculous.

I think she owes people an apology on two levels now. The first level is that it was sacrilegious . The second was that the song is awful.

Watch for yourself:


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