Heatwave Interactive is  truly a triple threat. The video game company, based out of Austin, TX is not only founded and owned by African Americans, run by African Americans (The CEO, CCO, and the top producer are all black men), but funded by the only African American Venture Capitalist Company in the United States.

Months of hard work and planning have culminated in the unveiling of the first hip hop Inspired Massively Multi-Player Online game (MMO), “Platinum Life.” Including hip hop icon, T.I., and based on the hip hop music lifestyle, Platinum Life, will allow gamers to advance through the ranks from unknown talent to hip hop mogul through a series of challenges that will expand the player’s knowledge of his “world” and earn him “street cred,” all without the violence inherent in so many video games.

“We love hip hop,” says Mykel Mitchell, Platinum Life,’s producer and co-creator, “but we wanted to make sure that the game was positive, too. Hip hop gets enough bad press.” The company has gotten some push back from a few gamers who can’t see how a hip hop game can be as engaging as World Of Warcraft, but for the most part the gaming community has responded very positively.

When asked what other hip hop greats Heatwave would be pursuing next, Mitchell responded that he was not currently at liberty to say, but the names on Heatwave’s roster are ones that “we all know and love.”

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