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Early reports say that Bobbi Kristina has been rushed to the hospital. The shock f losing ones mother is a hard thing to deal with. I lost my mother and completely understand the emotions that can overwhelm. Our sister site HelloBeautiful is reporting that Bobbi Kristina is in trouble. Read: Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Rushed To Hospital

Here are some tips that may help you and the rest of the family recover from the death of one of your  parent.

  1. Resist the temptation to dismiss their death as “timely” or “inevitable”. While this is one way to rationalize the loss, it doesn’t touch your emotions. You have experienced a significant loss and you need to take time to grieve. The majority of people whose parents die are employed full time. A three day bereavement leave isn’t enough time to deal with this loss. Be aware of the need to adjust your personal schedule to take time to grieve.
  2. Work at keeping the lines of communication open between you and your siblings. They understand more than anyone what your loss entails. Remember, each member of the family has a personal loss and each will mourn the death of your parent for different reasons and in different ways.
  3. Find one or two close friends with whom you can talk. People often say, “My friends don’t want to hear about this!” All your friends won’t, but ask one or two for permission to use them as sounding boards. There are also professionals you may call on: your doctor, your clergy, a counselor or your funeral director.
  4. Do something to memorialize your parent. This could be a donation to a favorite charity. It could be a memorial in your family church. If possible you may want to create a permanent memorial at his or her college or university.
  5. Draw on the resources of your faith to sustain you. How does your faith or spirituality address the issue of dying? How does it help you make sense of life? Does it help you answer your questions?
  6. Although your parent is physically dead, he or she will continue to live through you. The values your parent gave you will affect you – for better, or worse – for the rest of your life. Take what is good from them and incorporate it more fully into your life…and be thankful for the good you received.

Bobbi Kristina would benefit greatly benefit from the love and support of her family.

Now, all eyes are now on 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina (Houston and ex-husband Bobby Brown’s only daughter), with concern for her well-being in light of the tragedy. Reports surfaced late last night that according to law enforcement sources, Bobbi Kristina showed up to the Beverly Hilton several hours after Whitney’s death.

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