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Super star Whitney Houston joins the sad list of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix,  and DJ AM whose lives were filled with long fights with addiction and cut too short in tragic moments.

They have everything they could possibly want. It seems as though celebrities and movie stars have everything , so why are they always on the news for drug addiction? They live in gorgeous homes, have money, fame and fortune but many still find their way to drugs.

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It might certainly be argued that there are thousands more individuals on drugs than the number of addicts that there are among actors, but the media hardly pays attention to those stories. Inexplicably, it’s more enticing to the general public seeing actors, singers and musicians  use drugs or destroying their lives than it is to see some average Joe do it. However, even if the media portrays it in a way that makes it seem like there are more actors addicted to drugs than everybody else, we can’t stop ourselves from wondering why there are found so many celebrities that use drugs when they‘ve got everything anyone could ever want or have to have.

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The life of a celebrity is stressful. For women, there is a constant pressure to meet the cultural benchmarks for beauty. Often times, the body image that is considered beautiful in the fashion industry is unachievable without the drugs. This similarly occurs with movie and music  stars needing assistance doing normal tasks because the exerted pressure and anxiety they are under prevents them from functioning. Artists begin using to keep awake longer, to sleep, lift them up and to calm them down. There are a number of cases when celebrities began using drugs since they needed such help, but then quickly discovered they were addicted and couldn’t halt usage.

Being a performer often at times translates to being trapped in a world plagued with greed and other temptations. There are infinite shows and after-shows and, because the attendees usually have more cash than they would know what to do with, abundant drugs and alcohol. It is a way of life that anyone working a nine to five job couldn’t understand, but to a celebrity it becomes a black hole that swallows them whole. Many are able to fight the current and escape unscathed, but many cannot.

A few have even admitted that drugs, like cocaine, were amazing for partying, diets and counteracting depression. Others used because they were fascinated by a lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock. There is a toll of stardom. They’re chased by photographers, their personal lives make the news and are constantly belittled by media. Some can overtake the drama, but others fall victim to depression and topple. Drugs and alcohol become an solace and, regrettably, a type of armor against those forces.

The entertainment industry generally has a broader tolerance for recreational drug use than other fields. Substance abuse is tolerated so long as it doesn’t interfere with production. Some of this probably comes in the spirit of tolerance and supporting personal liberty, particularly in artists, but it is misguided.

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