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By the time this video ended I was a sobbing mess! I know it sounds really sappy, but there is something so beautiful about witnessing people treating each other with dignity and compassion. The “stranger” in the video is a woman named Marilyn Mock. She started out by helping a neighbor who faced the same fate as the woman in this video clip. Marilyn went on to found Foreclosure Angel Foundation a.k.a. The Marilyn Mock Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people rescue their homes from foreclosure.

In a time in history where so many people are loosing so much and many more people determine to hoard their resources, it is refreshing and inspiring to see a person using what she has to help strangers. A house is so much more than a building. It is a place to rest, experience peace, love, and security. God bless Marilyn Mock and her band of angels. The organization is looking for folks to partner with them in their efforts – either through donations or by volunteering – as a matter of fact, one volunteer ended up getting her home saved! If one foundation can rescue a dozen or so families from the clutches of foreclosures, imagine what they could do with our help! Won’t you consider partnering with them? They are open to donations as well.

For more information about The Forclosure Angel Foundation, click here.

Be blessed and inspired Family!

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