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Dads there is a national  organization for Black Fathers who want to do something.

Fathersinc wants  you to know that they have a foot forward on positive things that you can do. Th organization has come to national fame for having fathers donate their time by fixing a special meal on father’s day. They have since rolled out a full plan on how to get our families and nation back on track. Fathersinc believes that a little social change goes a long way. Here is what they had to say:

Since the inception in 1999 Fathers iNC., has embraced an attitude of social responsibility recognizing that it is both our obligation and a  privilege to empower individuals through education and positive mentoring. It is our belief that, through selfless acts of kindness and generosity we are able to make a positive impact on individuals as well as communities.

Statistics show that children from single parent homes are currently more at risk of neglect, low self esteem and behavioral issues.  We work to combat these statistics by empowering families through education that will better equip them with the tools to overcome adversity.  It’s our way of making a lifetime investment in the community.

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Visit their site and see how you can pitch in or get support http://www.fathers-inc.com.