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Mary Mary is successful at marriage, mommy hood and life.

They’ve accomplished all of that while balancing surprisingly (by entertainment business standards) normal home lives. Both women have been married for more than 10 years. Tina is the mother of four children, while Erica just gave birth to her third.

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You’ll learn about that, and so much more, if you tune into Mary Mary’s new self-titled reality TV show. The program is set to debut on Thursday,  March 29 on the cable network WE.

“I believe we are the first gospel artists to even have a show like this,” Tina says. “I think what will kind of make us different, and make us interesting, is I don’t feel like Christian people — like the normal Christian people, I’m not talking about television evangelists or somebody who is up there preaching — are generally shown on TV.”

“I think (people) think that you just read the Bible all day and you think spiritual thoughts all day,” Tina adds. “And that is very much a part of our lives, but we’re normal. We’ve got husbands. We’ve got kids. We’ve got busy schedules. Of course, we want to be effective with the message we are singing about — but we also want to win, and we want to succeed. We wear so many different hats.”

Elev8 will be live tweeting from @Elev8official when the show debuts. Let us know if you will be joining us?

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