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Lifetime’s newest series, “America’s Supernanny”, starring childcare expert Deborah Tillman may be  airing it’s season finale tomorrow night, but Deborah wants you to know that the quest for raising inspired, balanced children is her quest in life.

She took a few moments to answer  8 questions with Elev8 today.

Elev8: How did you choose your line of employment?

Deborah Tillman: I grew up in a balanced home. A first, I never thought I would be doing what I am doing but, you now when God put you on a path, well you are n that path.I had experience seeing what childcare was like with my children. it just moved me to really put a plan into action. It was personal.  I was moved and motivted that childcare could be so much more so, that when I opened my school.

Elev8: What do you think is the major issue in most house today?

Deborah Tillman:“I think that parents have given up on parenting. Most households I go into I ask what the house rules are and no one knows. The child doesn’t know. How can you have expectation if behavior if the child does not have a rule to follow. That would be hard for anyone to do. Imagine if you had no expectation if what was right or wrong way to do something.”

Elev8: What are  some great house-rules to start with?

Deborah Tillman:”Be consistent. The child will do what you want if you show consistency. Show that choices have consequences. Reinforce positivity not negativity. Be a living example of behavior you want the child to model.”

Elev8:What should older parents be aware of?  Especially, since the census shows that the median age of first time parents had become older.

Deborah Tillman:“Obviously, if you have set your life plan in motion and chosen to be a parent at an older age you should prepare for the amount if time it will take to raise bakanced children. It is a 24hour  and 7 days a week job.”

Elev8: What practices should families institute in their home?

Deborah Tillman:”I truly believe that adding back the family time. Eating dinner together, praying together and reading together establish a bind that is unbreakable with children. It helps them form into mature health responsible adults.”

Elev8: What do you think parents are missing the boat on?

Deborah Tillman:”I think role modeling at home is important. Model how to have integrity and morality. Remember that their eyes are always focused on you. When they see you behave in a certain way they come to accept that this is the way to behave.”

Elev8: What has changed in parents and children?

Deborah Tillman:“Over the years I’ve seen a real decline in respect. Respect for authority being one place that has definitely charged. I see parents go into full arguments with the teacher in front of thechild. How would you expect the child to respect the teacher after seeing you behave in this manner. Children are exposed to so much more than they ever were. They grow up a little faster.”

Elev8: What do you think parents should do when their child is out of control?Is it ever too late?

Deborah Tillman: “I don’t believe there is a point where a child can’t change. I believe it is never too late. I make sure with all my all my children I let them know that it takes a village. I want to know what their day was like before they get to me. I want to them to know that someone cares and loves them. That is the most important part.”

Tillman was chosen from a field of more than 400 candidates, Lifetime for “Supernanny”. She has also written a  book, Stepping Out on Faith. Currently she is spinning Yolanda Adams and recommends that people should read “Super Rich” By Russell Simmons.

Deborah’s show “Supernanny” gives viewers an all-access look at troubled households as she visits the homes of parents throughout the U.S. seeking guidance and assistance on how to best raise their children.  Diving straight into the chaos and heart of the matter, Tillman closely observes each family dynamic to pinpoint their complicated problems – ranging from extremely intense tantrums and constant timeouts to bad habits and misguided parenting – and help them follow through to resolve their issues and put families on the road to happiness.

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