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Elev8 is happy to bring a heartwarming exclusive letter and song  for all our armed forces.

Fiya, a native of Philadelphia, has spent her youth soaking up the soulfulness of the city.  She was moved by the all the happenings in the world and  she  written the following letter and  for  the soldiers across the world.

Dear  Soldier,

Wishing You Home” was written by Joe Tann, a talented musician and friend of my family.  My father worked with Tann extensively over the years on various projects, and one day he presented me with thissong.  When I heard the demo for “Wishing You Home”, it reminded me of the many holiday seasons my family went through without the presence of my Uncle, who is in the military.  As I listened to the lyrics, memories of Christmases past spun through my head.  We would gather around the table and celebrate, but there was always a somber moment where we reflected and talked about how much we missed “Unc” and wished he were there with us.  My personal experience allowed me to resonate with the lyrics and pour my heart and soul into the vocal delivery of the song.

I know that my family isn’t alone in this situation.  Every year countless families across the world deal with the absence of a loved one during the holidays. My hope is that through this song, someone will find comfort in knowing that they are not alone this Christmas.


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