Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD?”  There is an interesting quote I heard once from a renowned psychologist.  He said, “Every struggle in life is either won or lost in the battlefield of the mind.”  So many times we feel life is caving in on us or that we are losing and not wining. Sometimes we think that things are worse off than they really are. Chances are we don’t really have a true understanding of what and how to think or even perceive what is really going on around us.  The good book says, “God’s thoughts are above our thoughts, his ways above our ways.”  Meaning if you really step back and look over your life many times you really didn’t know what was going on anyway. That someone upstairs had it all in control the entire time even when you felt so out of control. Therefore it is realistic to conclude that God’s perspective on ANYTHING is more objective than the human perspective.

When you know how God THINKS ABOUT you, you’ll know what to THINK ABOUT!  When we have certain feeling about different situations and act on our feelings without thinking it through, we are being of course led by our emotions. The book of Proverbs tells us not to trust the affairs of the heart because it is deceitful. In other words, because your heart is constantly changing, and it’s unstable, God tells us not to use it as a means of conquering obstacles. Just take a drive down any road in Beverly Hills and in five minutes you will have changed your mind more than five times about what kind of dream house you would like to have one day.

A very familiar character in the bible known by the name of David was referred to as a man after God’s own heart. But it does NOT say that he was a man after God’s own mind. Why was David a man after God’s own heart, because “he got that God got him.” Do you get that God gets you or do you fall into the mindset of self-pity and guilt?  David was a man after God’s own heart because he thought the way God did about things.  When David had committed adultery with Bathsheba, the bible says, “the servants and elders were afraid to tell David [that the child he conceived with Bathsheba] had died.” The Bible goes on to say they were afraid to tell him because they thought he may do some harm!  WHY? Because I imagine that they thought he might be depressed, suicidal, or filled with rage! He had just impregnated a woman that was not his wife! That was bad enough! Now that child was going to DIE! How many times have you messed up big time and everybody around you knew to stay away from you. Human nature is to get angry and frustrated at obstacles in life.  But when you have the God’s perspective it will cause you to understand that this too shall pass and that in the end it will work for my good. David instead of doing harm tour off his clothes and began to worship God! Can you imagine the faces of the on lookers watching what was going on? How could he be so loving in such an unloving situation? Because he knew that God had the power to redeem him and that even though he didn’t understand everything that was going on, he knew God did. So I encourage you to continue to think upward and not downward to ask yourself, really what would Jesus?

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