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New Birth has been through many changes over the years. Right now, you can see the wear and tear on the souls of members past and present.

DMX Plays Wheelchair Basketball With Disabled Vets

Dr. Wanda Turner is a well known minister from the Central Valley of California. She’s been a first lady and minister all of her life. Well, after the divorce of her husband nearly 12 years ago, she’s been preaching and spreading the word all over the country and beyond.Well, Dr. Wanda A. Turner found an opportunity to be  an elder at New Birth Church back in 2006. We are not sure how her missionary experience under Bishop Eddie Long really was but we are pretty sure how it ended. After nearly four years at New Birth, Dr. Wanda Turner was hit with shocking news of allegations against her then pastor Bishop Eddie Long and his sexual misconduct case. In the video, she explains how she was fasting over the terrible news that hit Atlanta and his church. She said she was approached by Bishop Eddie Long one day and he asked her:  “Why are you losing so much weight?” And Dr. Turner replied angrily: “I’m fasting for you!” .

What? Bishop Eddie Long Tells His Congregation To Give More! [VIDEO]

Many who joined the church under Long’s tenure were attracted to the prosperity gospel that he preached and practiced. It was a message that mirrored an emerging black middle class in and around Atlanta. Unlike the traditional Southern Baptist preacher, Long owned a $350,000 Bentley and private jet, lived in a $1.4 million house with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, adorned himself with diamond jewelry and read his sermons on an iPad.

Here is just some of the feedback from former members:

“Once the money was paid, it was like you’re hiding something,” said Donielle Marshall, who joined New Birth as a college student in 1999. “Did you lie to us? I look at him as just a common man, full of fault, but also a disgrace.

The Rev. Kenneth Samuel, who preceded Long, said the allegations hurt.

“With New Birth being as large and prevalent as it is, every church in the area has felt the impact,” Samuel said. “And rightly so. I think there has to be a level of accountability. I think it’s certainly possible for the church to carry on. My prayer is for growth and progress and to become more committed to open, honest dialogue and discussion.”

“Ann” Says

This situation is truly sad but one we have seen played out time and time again in the media….a true and classic narcissist in action. This man is truly unable to grasp the reality the is going on around him. Instead he prefers to stay in his own fantasy land thinking that he can still pull the wool over everybody’s eyes, especially Vanessa’s. I think now that his world is really crumbling he is going to have a very difficult time moving forward in his life. He is still living in the “lies and deceit” instead of coming to terms with what he has done and trying to change and rectify the situation. It is apparent that he is going to hold onto the lies forever, even if it means bringing his ship all the way down to the bottom of the ocean. And sadly..that is where it appears the ship is headed. My how the mighty have fallen. Can’t mess with God Mr Long!!

It has definitely been a long year! What could possibly happen next at New Birth?

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