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Tonex,  Gospel Artist turned Pop and Soul artist known as  B-Slade, is proud of his move to the “other side”.

He tell us  he is done with gospel music as a genre. When asked if it was a thing of the past for him he says emphatically, “When it comes to the genre, yes. Unfortunately I was pigeonholed into that genre even though I felt that gospel music could very much so cross over to mainstream. Formidably and exclusively, yeah that part is over.”

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He also attributes his missing father to his life now in a song called “Daddy”.

He says, “A Story that needs to be sang in order for the story to be properly told. My hope is that this song will bring closure, pull up feelings that have NOT been dealt with, cause restoration or at least resolution. This one was not easy. I was not THAT cool with my father who was there but not “present” for the first 19 years of my life. On a slave plantation in Washington D.C. my father and I had a conversation just like this that summer.

Here is his first episode of his new life show:

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