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The word “brand” is the latest buzz word. It has been used interchangeably to reflect a product or service over the years. Today when a brand is mentioned more often than not it is referring to an individual, instead of a product. Great examples of the new branding phenomenon are Diddy, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton and Tiger Woods just to name a few. These individuals are no longer just celebrities, they are brands. Their personal brands have established them as a marketing cash cow. These brands make money by their pure existence. These brands convey a message without a word being spoken. These brands have a major influence on the buying power of consumers.

The Brand

Your image is your personal brand. What does your brand say about you? According to Entrepreneur.Com, in an article entitled The Basics of Branding, columnist John Williams reveals the evolution of a brand. Williams explains that your brand should be derived from the following:

  • Who you are
  • Who you want to be
  • Who people perceive you to be

Williams’s article refers to the basics of branding products and/or services. The same principles can be applied in establishing your personal brand. Your personal brand is also determined by how you want to be perceived. So often we think that we are projecting one image when we really are projecting something totally different. The only way to ensure that the real you lines up with the public you is to evaluate your life, especially your day to day existence. Do people see the person that you really are? Or, do they see the false façade of what they think represents you? If the latter is true isn’t it time that the world was introduced to the AWESOME, WONDERFUL person better known as you?

The Process

Individuals are often consumed by the cares of day to day life that who they are as a person becomes lost and  burnout causing frustration and disappointment to occur. You must reconnect with your true authentic self in order for the world to experience your real brand.  Take time to discover who you really are: your value, your worth, your assets as well as liabilities, your strengthens, your weaknesses, your vision your goals and your dreams. During this process you have to take an honest look in the mirror and decide what stays, what goes and what needs improvement. Through this journey you will become one with yourself.

The Journey

In this journey of self discovery, you have to be proactive and force yourself to reconnect with your true essence. Fall in love with yourself. Make yourself a priority.  Schedule time daily, monthly and quarterly to spend time with you. Reconnecting with who you are. Reassess your dreams and aspirations. Put together a life plan with strategies on how to implement your projected goals. For far to long life has been living you. Now its time for you to live life! Is this the life you planned? If not, get back on track. Reset your priorities; chose the ones that will lead you back to the path of personal success.

In Hamlet, William Shakespeare wrote

This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst be false to any man.

The best way to complete Shakespeare’s task:

  • Find yourself
  • Get to know yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Celebrate yourself
  • ENJOY yourself!

Once the above is in place then share yourself. At that point, your brand will project the real image of who you really are. When a person is content with themselves, it shows.

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