Are You Ready For Your Transformation?


A metamorphosis is completed as a caterpillar changes to a butterfly. This change is not just physical, the caterpillar’s very nature changes. The butterfly no longer crawls on the ground; it now flutters through the air. No longer is its diet confined to what it has crawled upon, no longer is it in a state of sleep, going nowhere, but after its metamorphosis, it is freed to enjoy a wider span of beauty, to enjoy colorful surroundings and feed from wonderful nectar.

What Exactly Am I Doing With My Life?

The crawling caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful, flying butterfly.From the Greek word, metamorphoo comes our English word, transform. When an individual is transformed, a complete restart is expected, not merely an upgrading. Partial changes will not work for a caterpillar. The butterfly would not survive long, living a caterpillar’s lifestyle. An external change is not enough. The very nature of the caterpillar had to change to ensure its survival.

Bound Only By My Mind

There should be a loud cry within us for a glorious life-a life that soars above the ordinary one we live, to one that displays God-like characteristics. That life should reflect one of love, peace, joy, kindness, and serving others along with other godly characteristics. Our first challenge is to release what we have become. Transformation demands release. Complete change is necessary. Upgrades are not enough. Living in the middle of a metamorphosis is unsatisfying and unfulfilling. A renewal experience is needed and can be obtained by a rebirthing, cocoon experience. Only then will we enjoy the challenges and victories of living a transformed life.