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Serita Jakes, first lady of The Potter’s House, says her new novel, ‘The Crossing“, helped her tap into her creative side, but the book is also one of many creative ways that she and her husband, Bishop T.D. Jakes, use different media to get their message out.

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In 2000, a horrible unsolved crime is committed on a Texas school bus. At the time, Claudia Campbell was the beautiful head cheerleader, a hopeful girl who idolized her slain teacher. Now ten years later, Claudia’s secret life threatens to destroy her marriage and possibly her very life. Casio Hightower, now a prominent member of the community and a police officer, was a superstar quarterback and tapped by several colleges as their next golden boy. Casio’s rages are tearing him apart and are close to landing him in jail.The only way to move forward with their lives is to readdress the crime of their past, with the help of God and his perfect grace.

Its key characters are Claudia Campbell – whose father was a prominent black church pastor – and two men in her life: her high school heartthrob, Casio Hightower, and her husband, Victor Campbell, an assistant district attorney.

Here is Serita talking about her new book:

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