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Reverend Zachary Tims needed truth in his life. All evidence is pointing to thefact that he had so little truth that his life was paved with missteps from the lack of truth.

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A former friend and seminarian with Rev. Tims  decided that he could no longer hold his tongue and wanted the truth to get finally be released.

You will only see it here on Elev8.com!

Here the explosive charges:

– Rev. Zach Tims was trained to be a cheater!

– He was sent from his home church to  Florida to fail!

– Misbehavior from the pulpit is accepted. His mentor showed him how!

– Zach Tims was destined to be alone, drug addicted  and weakened spiritually  due to his lack of preparedness for ministry!

All these charges he makes will cause you to shake your head.  What the friend  says will blow your mind! After you have read this. Tell us what you think on facebook or twitter.

Here is his letter in it’s entirety: