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Astro-X-FactorX Factor USA was a sea of  drama this week.  It had the competition of elimination come down between a 42 year old woman of color and  young Black Boy from Brooklyn New York. All season long we have been hearing about the cringe worthy antics of this young man Astro. To be perfectly honest I have not been a dedicated watcher.  But,each time I do tune in Astro’s antics remind me of a typical street thug.

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While it seemed like it was going to be an easy decision for the judges between Astro and Stacey, it didn’t exactly turn out that way in the end. As soon as it was announced that they were the bottom 2, Astro’s whole demeanor changed. He became an immature brat, crossing his arms and almost refusing to perform and eventually giving a lackluster performance. All of the judges noticed Atro’s disrespectful behavior – particularly Simon and LA but neither could deny that he was the better act. It was an embarrassing moment as he sucked his teeth, through his hands in the air shrugged his shoulders.

In the end, after scolding Astro for his poor behavior, Simon (along with Paula and LA) voted out Stacey and kept Astro under the condition that he would change his bad attitude. Do you think the judges made the right decision? If there is anyone out there that watched this show, can you please tell me was I alone in the analysis that this young man is a “thug in training”?

To be fair  Astro did tweet this out to followers:

“Atsshields51 : I’m sorry you feel that way but I will never be silent when I believe I have been done an injustice. Heart on my sleeve!”

“Atsshields51 :I feel yall on that but I wasn’t talking about viewers when I said I don’t wanna perform. If you only knew what I know you’d say otherwise.”

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