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Amid the nation’s soul-searching over the alleged child sex abuses committed by Pennsylvania State University Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky, some have argued that the culture of college football at large state universities is a co-belligerent in the scandal.

Destinations for Outdoor Lovers

Once again there is not as much noise  was made by the students, parents and faculty and football community abroad as was created over the priests. The child sex abuse charges were known about at the highest levels within Penn State.. The Athletic Director, University President Graham Spanier, and Head Coach Joe Paterno were aware of the allegations, yet no one contacted the police. After the Board of Regents fired Spanier and Paterno Wednesday night, some students were rioting in the streets, suggesting that saving the football season was more important than the victims of child molestation.

Penn State Assistant Coach Mike McQueary told Paterno in 2002 that he had witnessed Sandusky sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy. Rather than reporting the incident to police, McQueary went to Paterno who then reported the incident to the Athletic Director. Just as Catholic priests “persuaded themselves that protecting their institution’s various good works mattered more than justice for the children they were supposed to shepherd and protect,” a “similar instinct” persuaded Paterno that “he had fulfilled his responsibility to the victimized child. He had so many important duties, after all, and so many people counting on him.”

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Why is there 2 standards?  Why? Where are the victims rights people? Why are they not camped out in front of New Birth Church in Atlanta? Why are they not screaming and lining lawyers up in front of Penn State?

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