With the current economic downturn, teens represent 25 percent of all jobs lost in the United States. The BLS also reports that May marked the lowest recorded number of teens in the U.S. workforce since July 1963.

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To help teens combat these trends and secure jobs that they enjoy Crossroads Career Network (CCN), a national community of churches providing faith-based, job search and career transition resources, launched its Teens-to-Careers Program.

Listening to parents talk about the need to help their teens get ready for careers provided the initial drive for creating a new Crossroads Career program geared towards high school students. Based on its “Maximize Your Career” workbook and course, the program is called “Explore! Preparing for Life after High School.”

Geared towards high schools, churches and other Christian ministries, the Teens-to-Careers program can be presented in a variety of formats. Facilitators can choose from a three-hour workshop, weekend retreat, individually taught chapter lessons or one-on-one coaching. The workshop includes various networking activities and thinking sessions to help students fully grasp the material being presented.

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Suzanne Voigt, Member Services and Project Coordinator, leveraged her background in counseling college and high school students to co-develop the Student Workbook with Crossroads Career Founder, Brian Ray. “Having Suzanne’s insight into the teenage mind and thinking process proved to be an invaluable asset, coupled with the hands-on-implementation of the Program at a local church,” says Brian Ray.

For more information on how to offer the Teens-to-Careers Program, please contact Suzanne Voigt at For teenagers looking for online career resources right now, visit their webpage: