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Read Psalms 20:6-7; Proverbs 3:5-6

It is true that being a Christian does not exempt nor exclude us from the challenges of society. We live in the world and the issues, flaws, and crisis caused by the world system does affect us. The present economic crisis is having a profound effect upon churches and Christians alike. Many of us are still attending church every week but doing so with the reality of layoffs and foreclosures facing us. Each week another member of my church whom has either been laid off or whose time has been decreased confronts me. These are facts and as believers we face them as well. Couple this with the decaying moral condition of our country and the challenge of being Christian is even more intense.

Now here is the good news. I strongly believe that at the end, believers will not only survive but also flourish. Yes I believe that we can and should successfully manage this stressful season. Over the next three weeks, I will offer insight from our faith as how to manage stressful seasons.

Successfully managing stressful seasons begins with a basic belief that both empowers and energizes us. That belief is that God is both our source and supply. This is vital for managing stressful seasons. Now remember I am writing this from the perspective of faith and as a person who embraces Jesus Christ as Lord, my faith becomes foundational in how I manage all challenging seasons. Faith in God through Jesus Christ then empowers us to navigate the uncertainty and the instability of culture. Living then in the comforting belief of God as source and supply causes us to behave in a manner that is consistent with our faith system. God is more than a concept; God is a living reality that we look to for strength and wisdom. So how do we then live as person who embraces this belief?

  1. Develop a devotional life that strengthens our faith. This means that we spend meaningful time with God through prayer and mediation. This time with God nurtures our faith and brings continuous healing.
  2. Maintain a healthy connection to a faith community. Staying involved in your faith community will insure that you are being “ministered” to. Faith friendships are vital because through them you are encouraged.
  3. Discipline your conversations so you speak as a person of faith in Jesus Christ. It is true that you are what you talk about. So become very sensitive to your conversations and manage them appropriately.
  4. Aggressively live out your faith through an obedient and accountable lifestyle. This is so important because despite what you face, keep living out your faith. The power of God as source and supply is that you obey the teachings of Jesus Christ with no fear or regret.

So believe God as your source and supply and watch what god does with you and through you in this season of your life. You will be standing in the end.

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