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Centino Kemp, the fifth person to accuse Eddie Long of sexual misconduct, gave an interview to Atlanta’s Fox 5, which was broadcast Tuesday. Kemp said his alter-ego called “Wild Child Kemp” saved his life by convincing the young man to stay alive, when Kemp attempted to commit suicide three weeks after lawsuits against Long were filed in Atlanta.

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Centrino has been having a hard year. He launched a twitter battle earlier this summer with Bishop Eddie Long, You can read  that here: Eddie Long Accuser Centrino Kemp Calls Him Out On Twitter. Now comes word that he was admitted to the DeKalb Mental Health Center, Fox 5 reports. He reportedly told therapists he had been “sexually and physically abused for six years by Pastor E. Long.”

“I was in a dark place, I can say that,” Kemp, who sported a leather outfit studded with metal spikes during the interview. I would just tell you, everything is not as it seems. Nothing is real. And everything that glitters isn’t gold,” he said when asked about his relationship with Long.

Eddie Long was accused of sexual misconduct in September 2010 by four young men, all former members of New Birth. They filed a lawsuit against the pastor claiming that he had lavished them with gifts, trips and money while coercing them into sexual contact. Bishop Long denied the charges of sexual misconduct and vowed to fight them, all the while maintaining that he tried to serve as a father figure to the young men and offer them support, financial assistance and guidance. In the midst of the case, just as a settlement was being discussed, Kemp, who was never a member of the church and lived in Florida and North Carolina, appeared in Atlanta, joined the suit “unofficially,” and received $94,000 without ever officially becoming an “accuser,” Fox 5 reports. Make sure to read the victims point of view  in this story:  Two More Of Eddie Long’s Victims Break Their Silence With Details

In May of 2011, an out-of-court settlement was reached between Long and his accusers in which each was to receive undisclosed sums of money as long as the case was not discussed. Sources estimate the cost of the settlement to have been around $15 million.

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