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A Protestant church in California is coming under fire from some Christians over its upcoming conference featuring “guided meditations” by a high priestess of the pagan fertility goddess Isis. The fifth annual “Faith and Feminism Conference” taking place Nov. 11–13 is being hosted by the Ebenezer Lutheran Church in San Francisco, which bills itself as “herchurch.”

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Among the scheduled participants is Loreon Vigne, high priestess of Isis Oasis – a temple, retreat and animal sanctuary Vigne founded in 1978 in Geyserville, Calif.I personally see Isis as Mother Nature, and that she encompasses everything with her wings. She’s a winged goddess. She encompasses any other goddess from any culture.”

Vigne, who plans to bring several other priestesses to the conference, will conduct prayers, songs and meditation. “Guided meditation is where the audience closes their eyes and you take them on a little journey,” she explained. “I’ve taken people to their past lives in Egypt, as [that culture] had all the secrets. They’re the ones that knew. Their main concept is to know thyself, know thy heart, know thy soul and know thy purpose.”

She says the belief system is based on the ancient Egyptian concept of balance, with 42 laws that are actually 42 ideals. “It’s kind of like a Ten Commandments, but all done in a positive concept,” she said. “‘I shalt not kill,’ [is rendered as] ‘I honor all lives as sacred.'” Besides honoring the goddess, the staff of Isis Oasis also provides massage therapy along with tarot and astrology readings, according to its website.

But the San Francisco event blending non-existent, heathen deities with the Christian faith is leaving some outraged.”You can’t make this stuff up!” exclaimed Dan Skogen of Marion, Iowa, who describes himself as a Lutheran fed up with the “constant mockery of God’s word” by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or ELCA, which boasts some 4.2 million members in 10,000 congregations. Defending the event is one of its organizers, Rev. Megan Rohrer, the first openly transgender Lutheran minister ordained in the United States. “I think the world is much more interested in interfaith connection than exclusivity,” Rohrer told WND. “It’s really not that unusual. Christianity was founded in the time of the beginnings of lots of things.” While acknowledging concern about mixing paganism with Christianity is a “hot-button issue,” the pastor said, “Christians that say that probably don’t know what paganism is.”