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There are seven things that the Lords detests is says in Proverbs 6:17-19

  1. Haughty Eyes.
  2. A lying tongue
  3. Hands that kill the innocent
  4. A heart that plots evil
  5. Feet that race to do wrong
  6. A false Witness who pours out lies
  7. A person who sows discord among brothers.

Just 2 years ago the NFL world was shocked to find out that one of its brightest stars was going to be federally indicted on of all things – dog fighting.  This story spread like wild fire and even made a blaze of some small fires that continue to simmer to this day.

The Michael Vick case drew racial lines in the sand between neighborhoods, political offices, Talk shows, Media Outlets, Law Enforcement Agencies and even between close friends.  My son (11Yrs) and his close friend (12yrs) were ridiculed recently for wearing their Vick Jerseys in public.  This Case at one point was getting more coverage than the War on Iraq.  Who would have ever thought that a dog fighting case would generate this much attention?  I am not going to go into some of the things that our society is more concerned about but their actions say other wise; because as you can see it is more important to make sure that Dog Fighting is a crime that should be punishable a small stint in Guantanamo Bay. I certainly don’t condone in the overall scheme of things, which is worst, dog fighting or creating a financial house of cards Ponzi scheme where millions of people will lose their homes and investments


But I don’t want to continue to digress because this is not why Michael was put in jail.  Getting back to the 7 things that are despised by our Lord and Savior, one could argue that Michael violated the first five on the list.  When there was just a hint of his being accused of dog fighting, Mike’s attitude seemed too proud about how the situation would unfold. Judging from his actions it seemed he never thought he would be caught or receive some jail time. Second he lied not only to the NFL Commissioner but also to his owner Arthur Blank who really thought he knew who his quarterback was “It’s distressing after six years spending time with somebody, you think you know them and then there’s another side that is shocking to all of us,” said Blank after hearing the news. It was also reported that Vick lied to the face of someone else that could have helped lessen the blow, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . Not only did he deny any involvement in dog fighting, he told Googdell “I love dogs”.

So the two people that could have cut his troubles in half before this thing exploded in his face, he lied to!!! Third, he killed innocent dogs! Enough said. Moving on, his heart had to contain some evil or else he would not have killed dogs or allowed the other men involved to torture and kill dogs as well. Lastly, he enjoyed the “sport” of  dog fighting so much so he helped fund the Bad Newz Dog Kennel which is were they trained the dogs to learn how to fight and made sure that the dogs were physically fit to fight and win their matches.

He and his associates raced to do wrong in watching the matches and literally trained the dogs to use their feet and bodies to do something that was illegal.  With all this there was no way Michael Vick was going to get away with what he was involved in.

So many people have called what Mike did stupid, dumb and one writer even wrote “After Vick is sentenced, Roger Goodell needs to tack on a long suspension to reflect not only that dogfighting is repulsive, cruel and illegal, but also the lack of respect Vick showed him on draft day when he lied to his face.  Now I think that is a bit harsh but that’s why I made the Ponzi reference.   The real question I would like to hear answered by Mike is, why did he lie about dog fighting when the story was small enough to be handled before the fed’s got involved.

Why do we all lie?  What are we afraid of?  How come it’s so hard to be honest?  Guys like Allen Iverson and Charles Barkley get so much praise because they are seen as athletes who tell it like it is.  I have often heard people and athletes say “I wish I had enough courage to say what I really feel, like Barkley does.”  These days Charles Barkley is paid tons of money to tell the truth about basketball!  Now often times we get his truth about other topics as well but as a whole we all seem to thank Charles for “keeping it real” when everyone else is afraid to be themselves or tell the truth.

Getting back to those questions: Why do we lie?  Some times we lie to be popular. In Acts Chapter 20 Paul is talking to the Ephesian Elders whom he had preached the Gospel to. In verse 29 he even tells them that some of them will become false teacher and they will distort the truth of the Lord to attract more people to come to their churches.

Some of us lie to make ourselves look good. Whether it is to girls, friends, family, co-workers, bill collectors and etc. Stay in Acts but go to back to Chapter 5 the story of  Ananias and Sapphira.  A great eye-opening story on lying.  This husband and wife were like Real Estate Agents and they chose to sell some, not all but some of their properties and give the money to the apostles, instead they gave only part of the money and when Peter asked both them was this the true amount they made from the sell? They lied and died on the spot!  They were holding some of the money back for themselves, trying to make themselves appear more generous than they really were. They were judged harshly because they lied to God and his people and  being dishonest and covetousness in the church is destructive (just a heads up to all of you who don’t tithe in the church) preventing the Holy Spirit from working effectively.

There are many reasons why you and I have lied to the Lord and his people. I could write all day about those reasons. But, why is it so hard to tell the truth or why is it so important to tell the truth?  Well, some times the truth hurts or it exposes the truth about ourselves and the things we need to change. If Mike did not care so much about his image or his status or how embarrassed it would have been maybe he would have taken the life line when it was extended to him buy Goodell and Blank.  It is strange how the Lord will give us a way out before we make the mistake but most of the time we don’t take it.  The one thing we learned is what’s done in the dark will come to…Proverbs 12:19 says “Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed.” And sure enough just as soon he lied to Goodell he was fully exposed to the world, his sponsors, and family and to all the ridicule he has had to endure. You should check it out. Time line is incredible. It’s almost as if Goodell had the info and just wanted to see if Mike would tell the truth.

In thee end what are we afraid of? Being embarrassed of who were are or what we don’t have or what we have done, ridiculed, talked about, laughed at, slandered, fired from our place of work and etc.  I know it is hard!!! I know it is but the Bible is clear that if we put our faith in Christ’s love for us, we need never be embarrassed or ashamed before him.

Michael Vick should not be embarrassed or ashamed anymore since he has privately asked God for his forgiveness and publicly asked for our forgiveness and he is forgiven, despite what others my say or do. I believe he has learned from this lesson and is now in a position to help save lives.  Character counts ladies and gentleman for all of us. When we stand before God the cars, homes, money, our kids, stats, trophies, and Hall Of Fame Jackets will not be with us. The only thing we will have to account for is our character that led to the good works of God.

A wise man once said “No longer will I be a slave to fear, pride and doubt, but I will multiply my value one hundredfold and be a leader of men. I will stay mindful to acknowledge God and he will direct my path.”

Hay Mike!  It’s not the end it’s the beginning baby!!! Enjoy the journey and with God’s Help you will redeem yourself.

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