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With the continuing high unemployment rates, many Americans remain uncertain about their future employment. Crossroads Career Network (CCN), a national community of churches providing faith-based, job search and career transition resources, unveiled a new 12-point Strategy of Stewardship to address these concerns at the 2011 CCN Leaders Conference.

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One component of its 12-point strategy includes a developing partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Focusing on getting Americans back to work, U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was the featured speaker along with CCN ministry leaders at a jobs conference in Atlanta hosted Crossroads Career member church Cascade United Methodist on October 5. Solis also spoke at the CCN Leaders Conference on October 15 via video message.

“We want to create more opportunities to work together on employment referrals, job fairs, online workshops and other activities. There is power in this synergy. The bottom line is that we’re stronger when we work together,” said Secretary Solis. “President Obama and I are so grateful for your commitment. We look forward to working together in the months ahead to secure the future of our economy, our communities and our country.”

Additional components of Crossroads Career’s 12-point Strategy of Stewardship include:

  • Renew Vision and Values
  • 24×7 Praise and Prayer
  • Grow 100+ Member Churches
  • 200+ Career Ministry Resources
  • Expand Training and Coaching
  • Initiate New Services for 28,000 Website Registrants
  • Extend Memberships to Schools/Colleges and Coaches/Counselors
  • Focus on Local Markets
  • Test New Spanish Courses
  • Teens-to-Career Programs
  • Develop Faith-Based Partnerships
  • Individual Volunteers

Brian Ray, founder of Crossroads Career Network, said, “It is an honor to collaborate with Secretary Solis and the DOL to showcase how career ministries and workforce professionals are be better together to help people find jobs, career, calling.”

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